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North Concept's Mission is to facilitate the creation of businesses through the commercialization of technology. We are establishing of the two-way information exchange on the latest technologies, devices and materials in the field of biochemistry, biophysics, medicine, pharmacology, biotechnology, chemistry, energy and IT. We support the commercial contacts and carry out, within our capabilities, technical support, supply of equipment and materials.

Service for Non-Japanese Customers

Global Commerce
     Representative new and perspective Non-Japanese products in Japanese market. Also search for a Japanese
     products and technology for overseas customers.

   * Consulting
     We provide your products to Japanese market via market research and consulting, advertising and business        
as well.

   * International collaboration
      Support of collaboration between Japanese and overseas laboratories, institutes and manufactures.

   * Patent Search
      A patent retrieval that could be perspective for Japanese manufactures.

   * Translation / Interpretation service.

* Medical coordination
      Assistance in a medical tourism business.

* Public and Educational activities 
      Organizing and holding an educational
Lectorium and seminars.

We offer following services for Marketeer:
1.   Active search for a buyer.
2.   Authorized agent of your business in Japan.
3.   Technical support for your business visits and export or import equipment and materials.
4.   Other similar services.

We offer the following services for Buyer:

1.   Active search for an information about the product.
2.   Authorized agent of your business in Japan.
3.   Technical support of the business visits and export / import of equipment and materials.
 4.   Other similar services.


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