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1. Active search for an information in English or in Japanese. You need to:
- complete the Registration form. You will be assigned an individual registration number which gives the
  status of user the database;
- fill in the Request for an information search;
- transfer the amount what depends on the search task (contact us) on the current bank account of the "North Concept, INC".
        *   By request of the buyer we can translate information from English to Japanese, which takes extra cost 
             and delay an outcome (about 20 000 JPY per one page).

   You will receive the required information via e-mail or by regular mail.

2. Active search for a customer (buyer).
If you wish to sell your information faster our company performs the Active search for a buyer. We should have the detailed description of your technology, ideas, patents, preferably with illustrations, then we can:

- to conduct a primary search of potential buyers in our database and other sources in Japan;
- to create quality presentation of your goods and introduce its personally to each of the potential buyer;
   Commission charges of will be about 5 - 10% of amount of transaction (deal).

   3. Technical support of business visits and export / import equipment and materials.
       The cost of these services specified individually (see contact information).


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