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  New Philosophy in Modern Childbirth Care


The Modern Obstetrics Definition

The modern obstetrics is not a new techniques and approaches of pregnancy and labor management only it is distinctly different attitude to a patients care as well. It leads to reduction of distrust doctor and medical staff, support to formation of friendly relation between doctor and patient, mutual understanding and care in critical and tragic situation.

The obstetrics is such type of medical field where doctor mostly not treats but just supports the physiological processes by encouragement of women that heightens her innate ability. Often doctor has no any chances to change the situation. High professional approach is required to provide this process as much as it possible correctly regardless of the ultimate result. To keep the same as your patient sight on appeared situation is most necessary art for a modern obstetrician.

Main goal is to turn the patient attitude to be realistic and as it is possible in the particular situation, to be positive; eliminate an aggressive activity against to medical staff of the hospital, and formation the image of the gdoctor-friendh who is the most emotionally kind and trusted for the patient in any following visits.    

The modern obstetrics is such approach to work when mother, even after her loss, ready come to the same hospital for the same doctor in case of her new pregnancy because in the previously tragic situation she had humanized care and propriety support  from the medical staff.


Why medicals need the Conception  of Humanized Obstetrics firs of all? 

Doctors and nurses have to be ready to deal with grieving parents in appropriate way what help to avoid the causeless lawsuit between the parents who lost their infant and innocent medical staffs who have done everything what due to be done in the situation of unexpected pregnancy result.

Humanized Care (c) is the term created by Ob/Gyn M. Takeuchi (MD PhD) in 2006.

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