“Shikyu” is the Japanese word for a womb. “Shikyu-chan” (small womb, “Womby”) was created to remind us how life begins, and how life should be, accepting with no questions or barriers. The Shikyu-chan gently cradles the Earth (“Chikyuin Japanese language) in arms protecting and nurturing all life within.

This is not just a cute toy, but a Self Help Item that helps us to calm down and relax in any stressful situation. The smooth surface of The Shiku-chan has been chosen as the most natural and comfortable when held in the palm of ones hand.

Try to gently grip the Shikyu-chan.  It could take 30 to 60 minutes before holding it no longer feels foreign and you will be embraced in harmony.


This character, the Shikyu-chan is already famous. It is 49 mm at length and very comfortable to be hanged up on a cell phone or a bag, as it initially became popular in Japan, then around the world.

Even it looks like as a pretty toy, what safe to be named kawaii in Japanese language, but basically it is really more. The Shikyu-chan is a messenger.

The messenger of:

  1. acceptance of other’s unique differences,
  2. sympathy,
  3. kindness,
  4. heart warmth,
  5. support and care,
  6. soul affinity.

The Shikyu-chan is the symbol of acceptance and the messenger of our kindness and warmth.

So small cute kawaii item is caring an important message what needs to be shared, isn’t it wonderful?! 

Get the Shikyu-chan and give it to your soul mate, then this person will be connected to you and feels your care and participation when will hold the Shikyu-chan in the palm. She or he will never be lonely any more, but with you.  

The Shikyu-chan is a perfect gift for near people:

  1. your friends or classmates;
  2. boy and girlfriend;
  3. your life partner;
  4. your kids;
  5. your parents and grand-parents,

with your acceptance of other’s unique differences, sympathy, soul affinity, kindness, support and care.

The Shikyu-chan is an appropriate gift for people in sorrow after their loss of lowed one:

  1. parents who lose their unborn or newborn baby;
  2. parents who lose tragically their kid;
  3. woman who keeps hope to get her own baby;
  4. people who lose their life partner, parents or relatives;
  5. owner who lose their lovely pet,
with your understanding, heart warmth, support and care, willingness to share their pain with.





by Tatiana A. ROMANOVA and Masato TAKEUCHI
       womb conscious (2010)  shikyu-chan (2008)