“Shikyu” is the Japanese word for a womb. “Shikyu-chan” (small womb, “Womby”) was created to remind us how life begins, and how life should be, accepting with no questions or barriers. The Shikyu-chan gently cradles the Earth (“Chikyuin Japanese language) in arms protecting and nurturing all life within.

This is not just a cute toy, but a Self Help Item that helps us to calm down and relax in any stressful situation. The smooth surface of The Shiku-chan has been chosen as the most natural and comfortable when held in the palm of ones hand.

Try to gently grip the Shikyu-chan.  It could take 30 to 60 minutes before holding it no longer feels foreign and you will be embraced in harmony.


For Japanese people the number 49 traditionally has negative image.
Number 4 sounds like "Shi" what means a death (死).
Number 9 sounds like "Kyu" what means "pain, hard work" (苦).
Both of these number are unlucky.

Based on Japanese traditional religions, a soul of dead person is traveling between two Worlds during
49 days, then, finally, moves to The Other (After-)World. It is the time to proceed  some special religion's ceremonies.
But there is very strong connection the number 49 not with the end of life, but with beginning of life as well.

49 is a size of fetus (49 mm) in 10-12 weeks of gestation, when the formation of the touch sense is completed in the womb and the baby begins to feel the warmth and protection of mother when uterus walls are touched.

The two dimentional volume of a non-pregnant uterus is 49 cm (7 x 7 cm) and value of the weight, magically, also 49 (g).

In Japanese language a womb is shikyu what also could be written as 4 (is shi in Japanese) and 9 (is kyu in Japanese), so 49 as well.






 by Tatiana A. ROMANOVA and Masato TAKEUCHI
       womb conscious (2010)  shikyu-chan (2008)