“Shikyu” is the Japanese word for a womb. “Shikyu-chan” (small womb, “Womby”) was created to remind us how life begins, and how life should be, accepting with no questions or barriers. The Shikyu-chan gently cradles the Earth (“Chikyuin Japanese language) in arms protecting and nurturing all life within.

This is not just a cute toy, but a Self Help Item that helps us to calm down and relax in any stressful situation. The smooth surface of The Shiku-chan has been chosen as the most natural and comfortable when held in the palm of ones hand.

Try to gently grip the Shikyu-chan.  It could take 30 to 60 minutes before holding it no longer feels foreign and you will be embraced in harmony.

Tolerance as a basic way of co-existence and life continue in nature.
Theory of biological conception application to the society:

Womb Conscious

In Russian language below
Толерантность как базовый принцип сосуществования и продолжения жизни в природе. Теория примененя биологической модели для социума: Концепция сознания материнского лона
(Womb Conscious)



A uterus (womb) is able to accept a foreign biological material such as 1) a sperms, what must to pass the inner cavity of uterus of to reach an fertilizable egg; 2) a fertilized egg i.e. an embryo, regardless it is own or foreign at all. This is the best example of an acceptance how it is. What can we learn form this? There are two important things what we should discover: an acceptance and a difference what somehow magically connected with the womb ability to care on another organism. How it can work for us? The same way how womb does: recognizes difference first of all then accepts it and collaborates with it.

There are several important stages in deduction way: from common to particular, what direct of our judgmental and categorized habit to overturn.

1.      Difference exists;

2.      All persons or objects are different;

3.      Each difference make each of person or object unique;

4.      Accept these unique differences;

5.      If all of us have unique difference you have it too;

6.      We are the same because each of us endow with unique difference as a wonderful peculiarity;

7.      Accept own unique difference;

8.      Just be as you are!

 Accept yourself as you are via acceptance of others unique difference: this is one side of 
the Womb Conscious.

 Kindness and support

Remember how uterus and a new life met each other? It was just done and right after that they began to cooperate mutually: not against of each other, but care on each other; not suppress and destroy, but with giving an opportunity for necessary freedom based on each other different needs.         

It is clear that the mutual respect and cooperation is the basic natural way of life and development. This is the common laws of nature and society and what people should do: just continue to keep it doing.

These are what each of us need and able to get naturally by keeping our heart open. But yes, life is complicated and someday we have to be separated from our close people by many reasons. How can we feel them when they are not next to as in the certain moment? There is one of solution: we can give to our soul mate the memorable item that will remind of our warmth.

To share our sympathy, support and kindness with other is the other side of  the Womb Conscious.

 Thus, the Womb Conscious definition is the way of the wellbeing via self-acceptance, respect of others unique difference, sharing your support and kindness with other person regardless any prejudges.






by Tatiana A. ROMANOVA and Masato TAKEUCHI
       womb conscious (2010)  shikyu-chan (2008)